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TV Installation

If you just need a TV hooked up to your Cable box or DVD player we can install your system in the best possible configuration so you can get the most out of what you paid for. We have encountered many customer's systems where the customer had a self appointed expert install their system and it worked "fine" but they were not getting the most out of their equipment. We have seen HD TVs wired to a HD Cable box wrong resulting in the customer not seeing their HD channels in High Definition. Due to the way it was wired they were seeing High Definition channels in Standard Definition defeating the purpose of paying for a HD TV and HD Cable or Fios. After we wire it correctly the customer is amazed by the difference and can't believe their system could have looked this good all along. They were not getting what they paid for simply because the "rocket scientist" that hooked it up did not know what he was doing. It's like buying a super bright $100.00 Flashlight and then putting dead batteries in it.

Hint: If you have a HD Cable/Fios box or a DVD/VCR connected to your HDTV and you have to put the TV on Channel 3 to watch it, you are not watching High Definition TV in HD and you are not seeing the true resolution of your DVDs. Let us take a look at it. We will make sure you are getting what you paid for.

Surround Sound Installation

Again, we have encountered many surround systems that were "hooked-up" by someone who knows just enough to "make it work" but the system is not doing what it was designed to do. Therefore the customer was not getting what they paid for. After we wire it properly, position the speakers where they should be, tune the system up and then explain to the customer how it should work, they are amazed at how good it sounds and are sorry they didn't have it installed correctly in the first place.

Audio/Video System Design

Too many people visit a "big-box" store and buy what the salesman needs to get rid of today at a great price without knowing that for the same amount of money they could have purchased a system that was designed to match the space where it is going to be installed, be easier to use and ultimately give them more for their money.

There are many misconceptions out there when it comes to what to choose when buying and installing entertainment electronics. Having your system designed by an experienced AV Technician before making a purchase and then having it professionally installed can give you a lot more for your money than buying what was on sale and then having it installed by the neighbor's kid who "knows a lot about that stuff". If you are building a new house or remodeling we can work with your builder, electrician and/or interior designer and fit the equipment and installation to your lifestyle, budget and timeline.

Low Voltage Wiring

This includes audio, video, telephone and ethernet wiring and connection points. A lot of electricians can and will "run cable for your TVs, computers and phones" but are not as aware of the trends and new requirements involved. We have gone through some pretty big changes in the last few years when it comes to how your house should be wired for current and future equipment used in our everyday lives. We have come in to install equipment in brand new homes where the wiring installed by their electrician fell extremely short of what was needed to do the installation properly and the customer ended up either sacrificing what they wanted to do or had to go through the pains of having it re-wired correctly when they thought the "construction" of their new house was done. We can design a wiring system and install it during construction that will enable you to enjoy the electronics you have now and will have in the future.

We love it when a customer calls us a year after their house is built with one of our wiring systems and asks us to install a TV, Phone or Computer somewhere and we can say "sure - there is a connection point right there ready to supply the proper signal". We use some of the best wiring that the industry has to offer and use industry standard methods in our design and installation assuring you maximum performance of your wiring systems. We also realize every job and customer is different. We put a lot of emphasis on customizing each job to the personal needs of the customer and base our recommendations on past experience, current trends and what the industry dictates the future will bring.

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